Used Lacrosse Pennies

National Events & Camps


Assorted Small

Lacrosse Stickers

$1.00 each

Assorted Stick Ends

Colors and Shapes


Assorted Lacrosse

Wrist Bands $1.00 each

Funny, Pre Printed

Lacrosse Pennies


Motive Pure

0 Calories, 0 Sugar, No Dyes

Pure Electrolyte Hydration

The drink of choice for the high performance athlete.

$2.00 single serving

$20.00 5 gallon serving

Mix - Drink - Live

Join the Tribe!



UV Protection

Spring Loaded

Light Weight

Shades on

Problems Gone!

$15.00 & $22.00

Gait Pro Lite, Pad Set,

Shoulders, Arm, Gloves

Boys Small



Adult & Child Mouth Guards $5.00, Kold Paks $2.00

Athletic Tape $3.00, Pre Wrap $2.00

Nike Ankle & Knee Sleeves $20.00

Maverick 7

Goalie Shaft


Warrior 6000

Goalie Shaft


Rhino Pad Set

Shoulders, Arm & Gloves

Boys Small, Med & Lg


Bounce Backs starting at just $120.00 DONT NEED to spend over $200 to play catch!

Assorted Large Stickers

Stick on and Grease Eye Black

Lanyards & Coach Whistles

$4.00 each

100mph, H.D. Polyester Nets, 5mm

Weather proof and Super Tough

White & Black $ 125.00

Playtime Lacrosse & Soccer

Equipment & Services

STX Stinger Pad Set

Shoulder, Arm & Gloves

Boys Med & Lg


Gait Icon

Pre Strung Soft


STX Duce

Pre Strung Hard


Gait 6000


Playtime Recruiting Assistance

Contact us with any and all questions - BEFORE you spend a bunch of money on Travel Teams or Recruiter Managers-

Gait Icon

Blue or Red


Under Armor



ECM & White Foam Ball Stops


Maverick Twist Pre Strung

Cascade Polypro Goggles

Maverick Back Pack


Brine Vantage FH Goggles


Easton Launch

Reflex Tech


Brine Recruit

Blue or Black


Orange Practice Balls

$2.25 each

$13.50 - Six

$220.00 Case

Laxology Emergency

Side String Bracelets

$12.00 & $8.00

Brine F22


Grip n Rip

Regrip your balls

No More greaser!

$25.00 w/3 balls!

Carolina Blue Playtime Hoodie





Brine Karma Head

Brine 6065 Shaft


STX Sabre

D pole

Red, Orange, Silver, Gun Metal


We are the PREMIRE Lacrosse Goal dealer in the Midwest and sell goals to several national lacrosse organizations nationwide! Shipped to you door or picked up at the shop! Everybody needs a goal in life!

Starting at just 99.00 for full sized 6x6 goals we have the right goal for every application from Backyard and basements, portable to MLL game goals! Frames start as low as $75 up to $800 Game Goals!

Under Armor


Pre Strung Soft


STX Nova Head

STX Myth Shaft


deBeer Bliss Head

deBeer Soft Feel 6000 Shaft


Brine Recruit

Pre Strung Hard





$2.00 each

Odor Gladiator

The one that works!

Bring the battle to your bag!

90 days of odor free equipment! $14.99

Refills $7.99

STX Myth Pre Strung Stick

STX Goggles

STX Case


Under Armor






Lax Balls

$15.00 - Six

Cascade Polypro Goggles


Brine Asset


White & Yellow NOCSAE, NFHS, NCAA Game Balls

$2.50 each, $27.50 half dz.

$225.00 case (120)

deBeer Flutter Head

deBeer 6000 Shaft